Ballet-Afrique: Original, Exuberantly Graceful, Contemporary Fusion

Taught by Romy Keegan 
With Live Drumming by Jefferson Voorhees
$17/class. $60 for 4 classes. Additional packages available.
BASICS: Sundays, 3:30-5pm, Back Door Studio
Beg/Int: Wednesdays & Int: Fridays, 5:30-7pm, Front Door Studio

Playful, beginner friendly, community oriented dance classes, Ballet-Afrique is intended to intelligently build strength and stamina, while inspiring dancers to move and to express themselves, with grace and joy!  Pop in for just one class, or follow a developing progression of exuberantly graceful weekly choreographies that begin slowly, and evolve in complexity and speed over the week!

Ballet-Afrique BASICS 
Sundays, 3:30-5pm FRONT DOOR STUDIO
All levels welcome, and this class is ideal for brand new, beginning adult dancers (11+), who have either never danced before or not for many years.  Introduces body awareness, balance, coordination, basic natural movement and foundational dance concepts, steps & exercises, as well as builds strength, agility, stamina and flexibility.

BEG/Intermediate Level
Wednesdays 5:30-7pm FRONT DOOR STUDIO
All levels welcome, and this class is great for adult dancers (11+) with SOME dance experience, at any point and in any style, OR brand new dancers who have a natural ease with movement in general. Builds strength, stamina, agility and flexibility, and further introduces and develops body and spacial awareness, balance, natural movement expression, and, general classical dance concepts, steps, & exercises, as well as coordination, and grace.

Fridays 5:30-7pm FRONT DOOR STUDIO  
For adult dancers (13+) with some, to a little MORE, general dance experience in any style, but ballet, jazz, modern &/or African a plus!  Picks up with an assumption of some level of fitness, coordination, and ease of movement, while continuing to develop Ballet-Afrique specific movement vocabulary, balance, strength, stamina, agility, flexibility, and grace.

Ballet-Afrique is the original, joyful expression and continued exploration and development, of my personal dance and movement vocabulary, inspired by a life time of ballet training and over 25 years of West African dance. It is intended to capture the spirit, energy, and open, accessibility of a community African dance class, with its organic and natural movement, while harnessing the focus, flexibility, strength, and grace, inherent in the most accessible elements of ballet technique. The creative utilization of both styles of movement produces a playful, dynamic, and exuberantly graceful contemporary fusion, suitable and accessible, for all ages and experience levels.  Ballet-Afrique was first introduced to my closest students in the autumn of 2012, and continues to blossom and grow through these on-going, supportive, playful, community dance classes.  I would love to share it with you, too - please feel free to drop into a class, anytime!

ATTIRE: Wear anything that you can move and stretch in, and feel joyful, beautiful, handsome and free in - we tend to wear leggings or dance shorts with a dress or skirt & shirt on top.  We dance barefoot, but ballet shoes, jazz shoes, and even sneakers are welcome if needed or desired! 

CLASS: Naturally aerobic and energizing movements are broken down and moved across the floor, both right and left sides, for initial exercise and pure joy of natural movement. Totally accessible lines, shapes & movements that flow, utilize core strength and develop inherent grace, are then woven throughout, embellishing and accenting the overall expression of the choreography and of the dancers present.

Class begins and ends with stretching and strengthening exercises and important technique designed for the whole dancer. Each class is its own full lesson, so dancers have the freedom to drop-in, building their abilities and comfort levels based entirely on their own time and inspiration!