Embodied Magic

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Taught by Sarah Hogland-Gurule’
Thursdays, 5:30-6:45pm, Front Door Studio, $15-$5/class, sliding scale, no one turned away for lack of funds.

Embodied Magic is a movement laboratory, a safe space for self exploration. Each class will serve as a well held container for exploration into how our unique bodies move and desire to move. Through guided improvisation, we will respond to different movement prompts that invite us to spend time with individual spaces in our bodies, as well as experiment with how those spaces interact with one another to create dynamic and embodied topographies.

There will be a commitment to inviting the full self into the space. We will offer ourselves permission to be guided by our emotional bodies, intuition and that which cannot be translated into words. We will cultivate our ability to take risks, expand our capacity to listen to our bodies and generously witness one another in the process. There will be an encouragement of transformation of all sizes as we change from moment to moment. Expect a diversity of sensation and awareness as we journey through tenderness, rigor, celebration and play. Class will begin and end in a circle.

All identities, abilities and movement experience welcome.

Mambo Mondays with Lizeth Garcia & Enigma Dance Project

Taught by Lizeth Garcia, & Enigma Dance Project
Mondays, 7:30-830pm, Back Door Studio, $7

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Enigma Dance Project is proud to present their weekly salsa footwork/shine class! All skill levels are welcome as the group introduces basic, intermediate and advanced movement. This hour long class will challenge even the most seasoned salser@ while simultaneously introducing basic time(on2) and footwork concepts to beginners. Ladies and Men’s styling will also be covered in this dynamic hour long class.

All ages and skill levels welcome
Gentlemen, this is a class for you as well!!!

Ase Dance: West African & Afro-Cuban Dance



Taught by Mahiri Fainke
Fridays, 7:15-8:45pm, Back Door Studio, $13/class, or $45 for 4 classes - kids under 10, $6

This class is a new and growing class, taught by a charismatic and truly inspired youth, who is all of 14 years old (2019).  When you come to this class, know that you are nourishing the foundational roots of a budding young teacher who shows incredible promise!  His father is first generation drumming phenom, Male Fainke, from Mali, and he is steeped in traditional West African drum, dance, song and of course, culture.

Pulling from traditional West African & Afro-Cuban dance styles, come join in this joyous, multi-generational dance class and celebration!

This class is for all levels.

“I want people to come support and have a good time and learn something new. Come out and help this kid get somewhere!” - Mahiri

Indian Classical Dance - Bharatanatyam


Taught by Trupthi Panikor (501) 954-0387 

Wednesdays, 6:30-7:30pm, Back Door Studio

Indian classical dance- 'Bharatanatyam' is an ancient form of temple dance; Unique, Eternal, and Universal. It is one of the most subtle and graceful styles of dance art in the world. Born within the precincts of the temple Indian classical dance uses the rich repertoire of Hindu mythology as a fine medium of expression. This highly developed stylized and sophisticated art form gives aesthetic delight to art lovers around the world.

Contact Improv Jam

Teacher(s):  Fe Fox & Elijah Lee

Wednesdays, 7:45-9:45pm, Back Door Studio
$7-$4 suggested donation

Contact improvisation is a contemporary dance form that primarily finds expression and practice through improvisational movement and following/exploring/playing through an evolving point of contact between bodies. It involves the exploration of one's body in relationship to others by using the fundamentals of sharing weight, touch, and movement awareness. Contact improv dancers come together each week to build community, play, explore, surrender to the intelligence/wisdom of the body, get a good work-out, and enjoy respectful, safe touch. While this "jam" is not a class, beginners are welcome as there are always more experienced dancers willing to explain and inform a bit.

Contemporary Dance


Teacher(s): Kristin Lucero

Saturdays, 11am- 12:30pm, Back Door Studio
$10 - $15 suggested donation

Contemporary dance is a style of expressive dance that combines elements of several dance genres including ballet, modern and jazz. Joy of movement and unique and diverse expression is what is emphasized and encouraged in this class. This class starts with a set warmup which is danced to contemporary music and focuses on strengthening, stretching and developing greater dance technique. Each week the warmup is the same allowing the dancers an opportunity to become more comfortable with each class. Eventually the warmup becomes part of the dance, flowing from one part to the next with fluidity and purpose. 

After this, the class will shift to movement progressions across the floor. The core technique of dance will be the starting point with options for advanced progressions as each dancer is ready. The class ends with a center dance combination. This is the time to let the music drive the movement and self-expression within parameters of set choreography. The class will be infused with my knowledge of anatomy, orthopedics and the study of movement so that I may help others learn about proper alignment, technique and muscle activation. Modifications can also be made to suit specific movement limitations or pain. 

Zumba Bliss


Teacher(s): Sarah Saenz (Mackenzie)

Wednesdays, 4:30-5:30
Thursdays, 4:30-5:30
Sundays, 11:30am - 12:30pm
All in the Front Door Studio, $5/class. Promo: $35 for 10 classes - NEW STUDENTS!

Hello! I'd like to tell you a bit about how Zumba has brought me back from disabling pain, and about my class: my personal mission as a Zumba instructor, is to find women who need to heal through dance. After getting rear ended in a car accident 14 years ago, and then developing the chronic pain that was due to fibromyalgia, I went through 8 years of barely tolerable suffering. I was entirely disabled and my body was in atrophy like a little old lady... at 38! There seemed to be no answers in sight. Finally, it was Zumba that gave me my life back, and keeps me going every day. Literally, I could not work or survive without dance.

Hence, my burning desire is to find other people who are afraid to exercise due to pain, who suffer and feel trapped by it, the way I was. IF YOU ARE ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE, OR YOU KNOW ONE, I BEG of you to forward this information to them. What they probably do not know is that unlike other forms of exercise that can re-injure one or two painful hot spots, dance is the only form of exercise where you use all of your body and therefore over time, will heal and strengthen, beginning with your core and out. It also is a joyous, creative form of fitness that will infuse you with pleasurable adrenaline that will in turn help your mood which...lessens the pain. Also, Maple Street Dance Space is one of the only locations in town where one can Zumba on a REAL SPRUNG DANCE FLOOR, which essentially acts like a shock absorber for the spine. This is a crucial component for all exercisers, especially if you’re over 30, or you’ve had an injury of any sort. (Most Zumba locations in town are on concrete, or are on wood or laminate over concrete.)

Additionally, know that at Maple Street, we have a community of people who actually CARE about each other. Together, we support one another, and class is usually the highlight of our day, not a yucky gym-like experience where people are elbowing each other for space and indifferent to the individual next to them. Also, if you have a self-managing child who can attend and not be disruptive, they can come for free. Imagine…no worrisome gym germs or extra fees!!

Spread the word! My class is focused on: a positive and jovial energy that is very supportive, elegant dance moves, raised arms, core work, and raising your heels, (as opposed to a lot of propulsion…although I do model propulsion, and you are encouraged to go for it if that’s your style!) With these changes, you can still get your heart rate up, burn 600 calories or more and tone, without hurting yourself. Or you can rev it up even more, or slow it down!! (Be certain that I WILL challenge you, no matter how hard or gently you want to push, or what level of fitness you are.) Movement is all I ask! Come muevelo, muevelo with us today! For videos and more information, see sarahsaenz.zumba.com, or contact me anytime at (505) 977-8881!

Kids Classes: Suzuki Music & Movement Class (Ages 0-4 & Expecting Mothers)


Taught by Jessica Retana and Angelica P. Plass

Thursdays, 9:30-10:30am, Back Door Studio,
$15/class, drop in, or, 150/12 classes.

The Suzuki Early Childhood Education (SECE) program is a music and movement class for children ages 0-4 with a parent or guardian, and expecting mothers in their third trimester. 

The SECE program nurtures the child’s musical development from the very beginning. In the class, we sing traditional children’s folk songs, incorporate movements and musical instruments, and work on important musical skills, such as making a steady beat, producing beautiful tone, and treating the instruments with care. However through this class, children also learn other important skills, such as the ability to focus, fine motor skills, emotional and social skills, character development, and readiness for preschool. 

One of the key concepts of the program is that the ability of a child develops early. The founder of the Suzuki Method, Dr. Shinichi Suzuki, believed that ability develops from age zero, meaning it is never too early to begin nurturing the ability of a child. In support of Dr. Suzuki’s claims, scientific studies show that the development of a child begins in utero, and learning begins prior to birth. Many of the children who begin SECE in utero or at birth are found to be within the 99th percentile of language development and develop perfect or nearly perfect pitch by the age of 4. 

Through this program, children are able to socialize with others, have fun with music, and develop a memorable and nurturing bond with their parents. The Suzuki Early Childhood Education program is an incredible opportunity to develop ability in your child from the earliest possible moments.

Salsa Aerobics

Taught by Jessica Montoya

Saturdays, 11:15-12:15, Front Door Studio
$10-$5/class, sliding scale.

Come enjoy the health benefits of Salsa, Bachata, Merengue, Cha Cha Cha, and Reggaeton dance. You will learn the basic steps so you can put the fun back into your exercise routine. You’ll build your core, endurance, coordination, overall total body strength, mental health, and great dance skills! You won’t even know you’re exercising! Don’t forget to incorporate the steps you learn onto the dance floor! If you’re looking for something unique and invigorating…this is it!

Moving Life: a mindful, movement-based creative process for individuals and groups

Carolyn 1828 web 2in -.jpg

Taught by Carolyn Fresquez

Private Sessions for individuals and groups.  For available days and times, and cost, please contact Carolyn.

Deepen your awareness, feel more comfortable in your body, and discover how your thoughts, feelings, and actions are all connected. Unique support through: ~ Life changes and transitions
~ Feeling stuck
~ Feeling disconnected
~ Pain or injury

Kids Classes: Pre-Ballet 2 (ages 4-6)


Taught by Deidre Haley 

$12/class, or $40 for 4 classes 

Pre-Ballet 2 continues the playful further introduction of basic Ballet terminology and movement, tap and rhythmic exploration, light tumbling and flexibility, and creative movement, for young dancers, ages 4-6.

Needed items for class are leotards and lights for girls, tap shoes, and Ballet shoes. Boys wear sweats, t-shirt, tap shoes, and Ballet or jazz shoes. No equipment is needed on the first class so please feel free to bring your little one to watch and/or participate. 

Parents are encouraged to stay while their student participates.

Kids Classes: Pre-Ballet 1 (ages 3-5)


Taught by Deidre Haley 

Saturdays, 9-9:55am, FRONT DOOR STUDIO, $12/class or $40 for 4 classes.

Pre-Ballet 1 (Beginners) is for ages 3 (for those 3 year olds that are READY) to 5 year olds. Parents are encouraged to stay while their student participates.

Early dance fundamentals are introduced in a playful but structured classroom setting, exploring Tap, Ballet, Creative Movement, and Tumbling, each class. 

Students will eventually need Ballet & Tap shoes, as well as leotard and tights.  Ballet skirts and tutus are optional and always welcome! Boys wear sweats, t-shirt, tap shoes, and Ballet or jazz shoes. No equipment is needed on the first class so please feel free to bring your little one to watch and/or participate. 

Hip Hop - All Levels


Taught by Leo Liao

STARTING 8/16/19, Leo is BACK!
Fridays, 7:15-8:45pm, Front Door Studio
$15/class, or $130 for 10 classes.

Based on groove & rhythm practice. Improve your Solo & Freestyle dance skills! Welcome to drop in!

leo sessions.jpg

ALSO, Join Leo for “SESSIONS, VOL. 1: cypher, practice, learn, chill….”
Friday, 9/6/16, after his class! For more information on this event, please contact Leo!

Contemporary Technique & Improvisation

Miles stripes.png

Taught by Miles Firkins 

Tuesdays, 5:30-7pm, Back Door Studio
$15/class, $60 for 5 classes.

Ever wish technique class left space for your own exploration?
Feeling the need for some structure to balance your improvisation practice?
Looking for bridges between what happens in class and the choreographic process?

Whether you’re a seasoned mover revisiting the origins of your practice, an avid explorer discovering your process, or fresh and new to all of these ideas, this class has a space for you! This class integrates improvisational exploration, technical development, and artistic inquiry into one playful, inquisitive, creative hour and a half. We’ll explore movement concepts and technical principles through improvisation, articulate specific movement skills with the internal support of somatic inquiry and experiential anatomy, and integrate play with vision into co-created choreographic studies.

Movement Educator/Dance Advocate Discount: To support continuing growth for the availability of dance and movement classes in Albuquerque (and the world!), and in hopes that the providers of those opportunities will make time to take part in the fun too, I offer discounted pricing to self-identified movement educators, such as teachers and coaches of dance, yoga, martial arts, circus, somatics, physical education, athletics, zumba, nia, and anatomy, and to dance advocates, such as administrators and staff of dance organizations, professional dancers/performers, social dance organizers, and Albuquerque Dance Exchange members/organizers. I value your work and would love to hear about what you do to help the movement community grow!

Swing & Blues: Central Ave Swing, Lessons & Dance


Facilitatied by Blas Rodriguez

1st & 3rd Saturdays, 8 - 11pm, Front & Back Door Studio
Beginning Swing lesson 8pm-9pm, Front
Beginning Blues Lesson 8pm-9pm, Back

Dances begin at 9pm: Swing in the Front Door Studio, and Blues in the Back!

$10 at 7:50pm-8:10pm for the 60min lessons and the entire dance in both rooms.
$12 at 8:15pm-11:00pm for dances only in both rooms

Dance with us in the heart of Albuquerque's Nob hill!!! VOLUNTEER FOR FREE EVENT ENTRY! inquire at Wingtips and Windsors Volunteers.

Brought to you by Wing Tips & Windsors
For more information, email Blas Rodriguez or call (505) 660-7604


Capoeria Girassol


Taught by Cabeza de Orvo (Greg Suchoki) 

Mondays, 7:30-9pm
Thursdays, 7:40-9:10pm
Saturdays, 4:30-6pm
All in the Front Door Studio.

Tuition: $20/class. $70/month, or $50/month with automatic payments.

capoeira girassol fb.jpg

Our scheduled classes are for beginners as well as new students of any level - please drop in anytime!

We are part of the United Capoeira Association (UCA) under guidance of Mestre Acordeon, Mestra Suelli, and Mestre Ra. Students have the added opportunity to participate in our Brazilian Portuguese Lessons, included with tuition.

Bosque Center for Spiritual Living

Offered by Reverend Drew Groves with Music Director, Patty Stephens 

Every Sunday Morning, 10-11am, Back Door Studio - enter through Front or Back

Bosque Center for Spiritual Living is a creative community fostering personal fulfillment and universal connectedness, manifesting a kinder and more loving world.

We practice open-hearted and open-minded spiritual realism, explored through the Science of Mind philosophy, New Thought, ancient wisdom, and our own immediate relationship with the Divine.

We provide supportive structures in which we can do our work together with authenticity, mindfulness, and compassion. These include weekly Sunday services, classes, art and music, care and counseling, and sacred service within and outside the Bosque CSL community.

Ballet-Afrique: Original, Exuberantly Graceful, Contemporary Fusion

Taught by Romy Keegan 
With Live Drumming by Jefferson Voorhees
$17/class. $60 for 4 classes. Additional packages available.
BASICS: Sundays, 3:30-5pm, Back Door Studio
Beg/Int: Wednesdays & Int: Fridays, 5:30-7pm, Front Door Studio

Playful, beginner friendly, community oriented dance classes, Ballet-Afrique is intended to intelligently build strength and stamina, while inspiring dancers to move and to express themselves, with grace and joy!  Pop in for just one class, or follow a developing progression of exuberantly graceful weekly choreographies that begin slowly, and evolve in complexity and speed over the week!

Ballet-Afrique BASICS 
Sundays, 3:30-5pm FRONT DOOR STUDIO
All levels welcome, and this class is ideal for brand new, beginning adult dancers (11+), who have either never danced before or not for many years.  Introduces body awareness, balance, coordination, basic natural movement and foundational dance concepts, steps & exercises, as well as builds strength, agility, stamina and flexibility.

BEG/Intermediate Level
Wednesdays 5:30-7pm FRONT DOOR STUDIO
All levels welcome, and this class is great for adult dancers (11+) with SOME dance experience, at any point and in any style, OR brand new dancers who have a natural ease with movement in general. Builds strength, stamina, agility and flexibility, and further introduces and develops body and spacial awareness, balance, natural movement expression, and, general classical dance concepts, steps, & exercises, as well as coordination, and grace.

Fridays 5:30-7pm FRONT DOOR STUDIO  
For adult dancers (13+) with some, to a little MORE, general dance experience in any style, but ballet, jazz, modern &/or African a plus!  Picks up with an assumption of some level of fitness, coordination, and ease of movement, while continuing to develop Ballet-Afrique specific movement vocabulary, balance, strength, stamina, agility, flexibility, and grace.

Ballet-Afrique is the original, joyful expression and continued exploration and development, of my personal dance and movement vocabulary, inspired by a life time of ballet training and over 25 years of West African dance. It is intended to capture the spirit, energy, and open, accessibility of a community African dance class, with its organic and natural movement, while harnessing the focus, flexibility, strength, and grace, inherent in the most accessible elements of ballet technique. The creative utilization of both styles of movement produces a playful, dynamic, and exuberantly graceful contemporary fusion, suitable and accessible, for all ages and experience levels.  Ballet-Afrique was first introduced to my closest students in the autumn of 2012, and continues to blossom and grow through these on-going, supportive, playful, community dance classes.  I would love to share it with you, too - please feel free to drop into a class, anytime!

ATTIRE: Wear anything that you can move and stretch in, and feel joyful, beautiful, handsome and free in - we tend to wear leggings or dance shorts with a dress or skirt & shirt on top.  We dance barefoot, but ballet shoes, jazz shoes, and even sneakers are welcome if needed or desired! 

CLASS: Naturally aerobic and energizing movements are broken down and moved across the floor, both right and left sides, for initial exercise and pure joy of natural movement. Totally accessible lines, shapes & movements that flow, utilize core strength and develop inherent grace, are then woven throughout, embellishing and accenting the overall expression of the choreography and of the dancers present.

Class begins and ends with stretching and strengthening exercises and important technique designed for the whole dancer. Each class is its own full lesson, so dancers have the freedom to drop-in, building their abilities and comfort levels based entirely on their own time and inspiration!

Ballet: Adult Basics

Taught by Romy Keegan
Sundays, 2 - 3:15pm, Back Door Studio, $13 drop-in, $48 for 4 classes.

Very friendly, beginning to beg-intermediate community dance class with a focus on technique and mechanics at the barre, and fun, short, skill building combinations in the center and across the floor.  Great class for brand new beginners, dancers returning from short to long breaks, and dancers of any level looking to strengthen basic technique, for stronger, long-term dancing.