Sarah Hogland-Gurule'

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Embodied Magic
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Sarah Hogland-Gurulé is an Albuquerque based movement artist who weaves visceral experiences through movement, ritual and imagination. She received her early training as a preprofessional dancer at Keshet Dance and Center for the Arts, then went on to study dance and conservation biology at the University of New Mexico. She has received training in many forms of contemporary and modern dance, improvisation, classical ballet, and baile folklórico.

Upon graduating, Sarah moved to Seattle, WA to pursue dance professionally and experienced a period of profound artistic and personal growth. Through listening and play, she began to experiment with how physical movement could interact with social movements to create embodied strategies for liberation. She also began using dance as a tool for healing from her own chronic illness.

During her time in Seattle, Sarah performed with Pat Graney Company, Alice Gosti, The Three Yells and CHERDONNA. She also presented solo work in various festivals throughout Seattle, WA, Albuquerque, NM, Helena, MT and as part of an emerging choreographers showcase for the world renowned American Dance Festival. She is currently developing material for a new solo work and dances for Yeztli Danza y Arte, who blend Mexican folklórico with contemporary dance.

Sarah is also an arts educator who has taught movement classes to folks of diverse ages, abilities and experiences with movement. Over the last three years, she has devoted most of her time as an arts educator to working with youth in the juvenile justice system and focuses on how dance can be a positive strategy for cultivating self empowerment and joy, while also serving as a tool for processing traumas that have been suppressed inside of the body. Sarah believes that embodied healing and justice practices are central to shifting paradigms towards collective transformation and liberation.

Lizeth Garcia

Mambo Mondays with Enigma Dance Project
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Enigma Dance Project is a performance company based out of Albuquerque, New Mexico under the direction of Liz Garcia. Enigma is a versatile dance company focusing mainly on Salsa and Latin rhythms. Members of the group include Liz Garcia, Candis Lyles, Aly Sanchez, and Kimberly White. All are well-versed dancers and experienced dance instructors. Formed in August 2018, Enigma’s goal is to perform at as many Salsa/Latin dance events as possible, all while representing the rich Albuquerque Dance Community.

Mahiri Fainke


Ase’ Dance: West African & Afro-Cuban Dance
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Originally from Philadelphia, PA, Mahiri grew up learning African and Afro-Cuban dancing and drumming. At about 2 years of age Mahiri had his first performance. Mahiri has studied with master dancers like Mouminatou Camara , Djenaba Sako, Youssouf Koumbassa, and Yalani Bangoura. He also has experience with ballet, tap, jazz, and Afro-Contemporary.

At 13 years of age, Mahiri is Maple Street’s youngest and most ambitious teacher, and will be starting 9th grade at PAPA, Albuquerque’s Public Academy for Performing Arts, in the fall of 2019. In reference to his new class, he says, “This class is for all levels. I want people to come support and have a good time and learn something new. Come out and help this kid get somewhere!”

…I couldn’t agree more!

Trupthi Panikor

Teaches Indian Classical Dance
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Trupthi Panikor is a professionally trained Indian classical dancer in all the south Indian clasical dances and traditional theatrical art forms of India. She grew up dancing from the very tender age of 4. She has been performing in several stages all over India, the US, France, Bangkok and Singapore since the year 2004. The winner of several state level and national awards in India she has also been recognized by the India government for the same. She has been training students since 2009 both in India and Little Rock, Arkansas.

Known for her " natural abinya" (facial expression) and technique she feels she has much to offer to the community here in Albuquerque and introduce them to the joy of Indian dances. Indian classical dance is performed both by men as well as woman equally. Her classes are carefully crafted to obtain the best technique easily and attain perfection. She is also known for nurturing her students to blossom into confident and mature dancers. She is also proficient in the theory aspect of the Indian dances and is always open for anyone interested in exploring its depth.

Sarah Saenz (Mackenzie)


Hello! I'd like to tell you a bit about how Zumba has brought me back from disabling pain, and about my class: my personal mission as a Zumba instructor, is to find women who need to heal through dance.  After getting rear ended in a car accident 14 years ago, and then developing the chronic pain that was due to fibromyalgia, I went through 8 years of barely tolerable suffering.  I was entirely disabled and my body was in atrophy like a little old lady... at 38! There seemed to be no answers in sight. Finally, it was Zumba that gave me my life back, and keeps me going every day.  Literally, I could not work or survive without dance. 

Hence, my burning desire is to find other people who are afraid to exercise due to pain, who suffer and feel trapped by it, the way I was. IF YOU ARE ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE, OR YOU KNOW ONE, I BEG of you to forward this information to them. What they probably do not know is that unlike other forms of exercise that can re-injure one or two painful hot spots, dance is the only form of exercise where you use all of your body and therefore over time, will heal and strengthen, beginning with your core and out. It also is a joyous, creative form of fitness that will infuse you with pleasurable adrenaline that will in turn help your mood which...lessens the pain. Also, Maple Street Dance Space is one of the only locations in town where one can Zumba on a REAL SPRUNG DANCE FLOOR, which essentially acts like a shock absorber for the spine. This is a crucial component for all exercisers, especially if you’re over 30, or you’ve had an injury of any sort. (Most Zumba locations in town are on concrete, or are on wood or laminate over concrete.)

Additionally, know that at Maple Street, we have a community of people who actually CARE about each other. Together, we support one another, and class is usually the highlight of our day, not a yucky gym-like experience where people are elbowing each other for space and indifferent to the individual next to them. Also, if you have a self-managing child who can attend and not be disruptive, they can come for free. Imagine…no worrisome gym germs or extra fees!!  

Spread the word! My class is focused on: a positive and jovial energy that is very supportive, elegant dance moves, raised arms, core work, and raising your heels, (as opposed to a lot of propulsion…although I do model propulsion, and you are encouraged to go for it if that’s your style!) With these changes, you can still get your heart rate up, burn 600 calories or more and tone, without hurting yourself. Or you can rev it up even more, or slow it down!!  (Be certain that I WILL challenge you, no matter how hard or gently you want to push, or what level of fitness you are.) Movement is all I ask! Come muevelo, muevelo with us today! For videos and more information, see, or contact me anytime at (505) 977-8881!

Romy Keegan

Ballet-Afrique: Original, Exuberantly Graceful Contemporary Dance, & Adult Ballet Basics
Email Romy Keegan for information about classes or call (505) 366-4982
Romy Keegan Full Bio

Jefferson voorhees and romy keegan

Jefferson voorhees and romy keegan

Owner and Director of Maple Street Dance Space, Romy Keegan's greatest joy is to introduce people of all ages and abilities to the healing, transformative power of Dance, and to "hold space" for emerging dancers to discover the strength, grace and confidence gained through it's practice and expression! Romy Keegan Full Bio

Ballet-Afrique: Exuberantly Graceful Contemporary Dance Fusion
Ballet-Afrique is the original, joyful expression and continued exploration and development, of my personal dance and movement vocabulary, inspired by a life time of ballet training and over 25 years of West African dance. It is intended to capture the spirit of the open, accessibility of a community African dance class, with its organic and natural movement, while harnessing the focus, flexibility, strength, and grace, inherent in ballet technique. The creative utilization of both styles of movement produces a playful, dynamic, and exuberantly graceful contemporary fusion, suitable and accessible, for all ages and experience levels. Ballet-Afrique was first introduced to my closest students in the autumn of 2012, and continues to blossom and grow through these on-going, supportive, playful, community dance classes. I would love to share it with you, too - please feel free to drop into a class, anytime!

Classical Ballet
As a compliment to Ballet-Afrique, or for its own strengthening and connecting value, I also teach beginning adult ballet - both community classes and private lessons. I specialize in the understanding and mindful application of mechanics, developing excellent technique, and practicing correct placement and alignment. These elements strengthen the body, contributing to good posture, flexibility, endurance, agility, and grace, allowing dancers of all ages to dance to their fullest, for as long as their hearts desire!

Private Lessons
$35 for a half an hour, $50 for an hour, includes tax.

Patty Stephens

Bosque Center for Spiritual Living, Musical Director
Although Patty does not teach at Maple Street, she does teach private and group lessons in her vocal studio: Song Spiral. For more information call  (505) 926-1565 


Patty Stephens began singing on her first breath. She is the mother of one son, Gabriel, and sister to 10 siblings, auntie to 20, and great auntie to 24. Every one of them sings. That is the legacy of family that Patty brings to Bosque Church.

She has spent her life developing her voice as an instrument and has a passion for community singing and song leading skills that make it happen. “Song Spiral” is a program she developed for families with wee ones. The sole purpose of this program is to re-introduce music making into family life and communities. In addition to thirty years as a performing musician and music director in Centers for Spiritual Living she has played with the best of the best in New Mexico’s Jazz scene and is currently lead singer in the award winning band “The Brazil Project.” She is also a faculty member of the New Mexico Jazz Workshop.

Patty Stephens has the ability to get inside a song and tell the story in a way that leaves an audience feeling like they have been in her home, at her table. She has a lovely studio in the North Valley where she teaches group and individual lessons and produces house concerts amidst the cottonwood trees in the company of her two feline friends, Romeo and Lalo.

Reverend Drew Groves


Rev. Andrew graduated from the Holmes Institute and was licensed by Centers for Spiritual Living in 2012. He was ordained in 2015. Rev. Andrew served as Assistant Minister at Albuquerque CSL for 5 years, where he was a beloved teacher, steward, organizational and operations expert, and led a weekly worship service of celebration, praise, music, and laughter.

Drew earned a liberal arts degree from Dartmouth College, and holds a Master’s Degree in Theater from the University of New Mexico. He nurtures bold self-expression in others, and brings his extensive experience in collaborative creativity to everything he does. He likes to sing out loud.

Drew also had the privilege of working in hospice for 10 years. This awakened in him the precious and deeply spiritual nature of our time together on earth, and the essential beauty of life. Having lost both of his parents during his ministerial training, Drew had the exquisite opportunity to walk through his grief publicly with his spiritual community. This was an amazing learning experience that left him with a heart wide open both to sharing his own tenderness and vulnerability, as well as creating safe space for others to do the same.

Originally from rural upstate New York, Rev. Drew has called New Mexico home for 25 years. He is an artist, a traveler, an aesthete, a writer, a cyclist, a dancer, and generally a person who tries to take big juicy bites out of life and all its delights every day. He is married to Travis Chapman, his partner of 15 years. They have three cats.

Pilar Leto

Afro-Cuban Folkloric & Last Monday of the Month: SAMBA!
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Afro-Cuban & Brazilian Dance. Pilar was born and raised in San Francisco, where she was influenced and immersed in not only her Filipino cultural dances, but also the dances of Brazil, Puerto Rico and Cuba. Becoming a member of Batucaje (one of the founding groups of San Francisco's CARNAVAL over twenty years ago) was the catalyst that inspired Pilar's performance desires. Pilar has toured Japan twice performing with her group, The Caribbean Festival Dancers. She has traveled to Cuba three times to further her knowledge of Afro-Cuban folkloric dances. While in Cuba, Pilar studied at the Escuela Nacional de Arte with members of Conjunto Folklorico National and Raices Profundas.

Pilar sums up her endeavors as this: "The dance I perform and teach is a collective contribution to the evolution of an ancient, expressive, and timeless African-based cultural art form. As is customary in this great evolution, the dance and music reflect my concerns, my aspirations, and the passionate celebration of life".

Miles Firkins

Miles laughing.png

Contemporary Technique & Improvisation
Email Miles Firkins for information about classes or call (505) 459-6301   

Miles is a life-long mover/dancer/improvisor who began teaching dance in an after-school program at a local elementary school in 2010. Miles holds a liberal arts degree from Hampshire college where, despiteresolving to quit dancing after chronic injuries, disillusionment with technical training, and a desire to study physics and medicine, they studied dance, dance education, and functional anatomy in the Five College Dance Department.

Miles’s personal and teaching practices are heavily influenced by Body-Mind Centering, Feldenkrais Method, ContemplativeDance/Authentic Movement, and Andrea Olson’s work on experiential anatomy. Miles is a 200hr certified yoga teacher, has attended teacher trainings in Mettler Creative Dance with Griff Goehrig (2014) and Brain Compatible Dance with Anne Green Gilbert (2017), and is always interested to learn more about the artistic process of teaching movement. Miles approaches teaching and learning from a playful, curious lens, drawing on somatic, anatomical, and empowerment-oriented practices to spark creativity, self reflection, and intentional choice-making.

In 2018, Miles launched a long-term independent business project, Somatonaut LLC, to contribute to the growing body of work in the movement world that bridges somatic inquiry, movement practice, anatomical knowledge, and bodywork. Somatonaut LLC currently offers dance and movement classes, yoga classes, and functional anatomy workshops for the general public and curated groups, as well as interest-specific private lessons. Miles identifies as gender complicated, and prefers to be referred to by name or with gender-neutral pronouns.

Kristin Lucero, PT, DPT, LMT, NTS

Contemporary Dance
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Kristin has been teaching Contemporary Dance at Maple Street Dance Space in ABQ, NM since 2015. She has been part of the Maple Street Dance community since 2007 and is honored to be teaching at a studio that is diverse and encourages a supportive dance community and unique self expression through movement. 

Kristin is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and a Licensed Massage Therapist. Kristin has trained and performed in dance for the past 34 years, has a Bachelors of Science in both Dance and Theater and has studied dance in New York City. Kristin has danced for and learned from choreographers such as Robert Battle, Director of Alvin Ailey and Mia Michaels from So You Think You Can Dance. Styles of dance studied include; ballet, modern, jazz, contemporary, lyrical, broadway, african, cuban, samba, latin partner dancing and tango. She also has an extensive background in theater, musical theater and yoga. 

Kristin sums up her relationship to dance as this; “Dance is my passion, my voice, my freedom. It is how I express myself fully and how I harness my own strength, creativity, vulnerability and joy. I hope to help create a dance community that unites people positively and is a safe space where people can be themselves without judgement. I love getting to share my knowledge, training and guidance with others each week and feel excited each time a new person steps into the class. Thank you to all the dancers who have been training with me over the years. Sharing the experience with you all is what it’s all about.

Angelica P. Plass

Suzuki Music and Movement Class: Ages 0-4 and Expecting Mothers
Email Angelica for information about classes or call  (903) 780-1030  

Angelica Plass Headshot.png

Mrs. Plass studied with E. Kendall Taylor, head of the piano department of the Royal College of Music, London. She lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico. She discovered Suzuki in the children’s section of her public library.

After that, her 11 year old son started violin lessons with Laura Wright of Hawn Violin Studio. Here she learned more about the Suzuki Method. With the encouragement of fellow piano teacher Kae Bacon, she began formal training to teach Suzuki piano. She enjoys teaching young children, cooking, playing the piano and singing.

Jessica Retana

Suzuki Music and Movement Class: Ages 0-4 and Expecting Mothers
Email Jessica Retana for information about classes or call (903) 780-1030  


Jessica Retana is the founder and instructor at The Well-Balanced Violin Studio in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Jessica is a violin teacher and early childhood music educator that uses the Suzuki Method to teach music to children from birth. She also teaches Intermediate/Advanced violin students the importance of taking care of your body while playing the violin. She believes that preventing unnecessary tension, pain, and injuries at a young age will unlock the ability and enjoyment of playing the violin for life.

Jessica received her Bachelor of Music in Classical Violin Performance from Belmont University in Nashville, TN. She studied with Elisabeth Small, former Associate Concertmaster of the Atlanta Symphony and pupil of Dorothy DeLay, as well as Alison Gooding Hoffman, First Violinist of the Nashville Symphony and founding member of the Grammy nominated Alias Chamber Ensemble. 

After her studies at Belmont, Jessica received her Masters of Music in Violin Performance from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, TX where she studied with Diane Kitzman, Principal First Violinist of the Dallas Symphony Orchestra.

Jessica has received Suzuki teacher training from Charles Krigbaum in Violin Books 1-4, and training in Suzuki Early Childhood Education Stage 1 with Lynn McCall and Wan Tsai Chen.

Jefferson Voorhees


Drummer, Ballet-Afrique Accompanist

Jefferson Voorhees, a life-long percussionist, began both taking and accompanying modern dance classes in high school and college and has been playing for all kinds of dance classes ever since. Over the years he has worked with such luminaries as Carla Maxwell (Jose Limon company), downtown NYC avant garde choreographer Phoebe Neville, and Bill T Jones.

In New Mexico, he has been collaborator and associate artistic director in the Santa Fe dance company ,"One Woman Dancing", for the last twelve years.  He currently plays and tours with the eclectic power trio, "Pray For Brain". He has been an admirer of Romy's for many years and has now been her steady accompanist since 2013.

Deidre Haley

Naughty Cabaret Jazz & Children's Pre-Ballet Classes
Email Deidre Haley for information about classes or call (505) 440-6864  


Deidre Haley owner and director of AllStar Dance Academy located in Bosque Farms is bringing her expertise with children and her old school Cabaret Inspired beginning Jazz and Tap classes to Maple Street Dance Space!

The Haley name has been around the Albuquerque studio and social dance community for many years. Deidre grew up in her family owned dance studio---the Mike Haley Dance Center, studying Ballet, Tap, and Jazz under Miss Lana Kroth, Miss Connie Espinosa, and Miss Jana Streigle---yes that was many moons ago. After many years of studio dance training and competitions, Deidre went on the study dance and education at the University of New Mexico under then director Bill Evans. During her studies at UNM, Deidre was also the manager and head teacher at the Mike Haley Dance Center West Side. Albuquerque Dance Academy was her next venture. As owner and director of this dance Academy, the next three years were spent organizing schedules, hiring teachers, organizing public performances and recitals and of course teaching dance. Event organization was a little less taxing on the body so Deidre became the assistant to her uncle Mike Haley for the directorship of the UCWDC World Dance Championships in San Antonio, TX; Nashvillle, TN, and Amsterdam. She was also Volunteer Coordinator and Assistant to the director for the New Mexico Country Western Dance Fiesta.

After her daughter Maddy was born, Deidre went back to her passion by opening the AllStar Dance Academy in Bosque Farms NM. The past 10 years have been so wonderful for both Miss Deidre and the rural community. Having gone through two hip replacements and a long recovery in the past 3 years, Deidre has continued to serve the community bringing quality dance instruction and a fun family orientated studio. At present, Miss Deidre still teaches pre-Ballet, Tap levels I-III, Cabaret Jazz, Adult Ballet. She has four great teachers on staff to bring Lyrical, Hip Hop, Acrobatics, Int. Ballet, and Pointe classes to Valencia County.

Miss Deidre is so very excited to bring her fun and unique classes to Maple Street Dance Space!

Carolyn Fresquez

Moving Life: a mindful, movement based creative process for individuals and groups
Email Carolyn Fresquez for information about classes or call  (505) 353-0038

Carolyn Fresquez earned her MSc. in Dance Movement Psychotherapy from Queen Margaret University in Scotland.  She is a trained dancer, with experince as a performer, choreographer, and movement teacher and consultant.  Carloyn has worked with kids and adults in a variety of settings in both creative and theraputic capacites.

Carolyn is on temporary leave, beginning March 7th, 2018, but please contact her if you are interested in learning more about what she is offering, and to schedule a session when she returns!

Cabeca de Ovo aka Greg Suchocki

capoeira girassol 300.jpg
capoeira jogo.jpg

Cabeca de Ovo , aka Greg Suchocki, Lead Instructor has been training since 1999, throughout New Mexico in Albuquerque, Santa Fe, and Las Cruces. Cabeça has been leading Pegadas since 2007, and is known for his relaxed and welcoming attitude toward everyone.

Capoeira became his passion during his time as a student at the University of New Mexico where he met his great friend Contra-Mestre Maluco. Come by one of his classes and find how much fun capoeira can be with Cabeça. Axe!