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TWO Upcoming Circus Arts Workshops with Circus Foundry! : Intro to Acrobatics, and, Partnering & Lifts

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The First One is:
Partnering & Lifts
Friday, June 14th, 5-6:30pm, Back Door Studio

Bring a little circus into your dance!

Come join the cast of Circus Foundry and learn the fundamentals for partnering and lifts. In this workshop you will learn the proper technique to make overhead lifts effortless, graceful, and safe. In addition, we’ll share some of our favorite acrobatic adagio skills and sequences.

For more information on this workshop or to pre-register and hold your spot email:

For more information about Circus Foundry visit their web site!

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And the Second One is:
Intro to Acrobatics
Also Friday, 6/14, 7-8:30pm, Back Door Studio, following Partnering & Lifts.

Come join the cast of Circus Foundry and learn acrobatics taught by professionals. In this workshop we'll explore inversions, tumbling and tricking. We'll break each skill down into simpler movements and techniques anyone can master.

To pre-register and hold your spot email:

This workshop is offered as an off-shoot of Circus Foundry's Southwest tour and upcoming show, SONDER, at the Kimo Theater, June 16th! For more information on the show, this workshop, and Circus Foundry, check out their stellar website!