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Special Guests: ENGINE!

Brought to you by Bosque Center for Spiritual Living!

Join Rev. Drew Groves for a short talk, exploring ideas of what is sacred, and what is church, within the musical wonder that is Engine!

And excerpt of the short talk:

The sacred shouldn’t suck.   …….Of course, we can explore our own relationship with Spirit in solitude, in quiet contemplation and meditation, through communion with Nature, or art, or music.  That’s beautiful — by all means, let’s do that too!  But if we want to actualize anything like heaven on earth, if we want to transform and progress what it means to be human, if we want a practical spirituality that makes a difference the world — well, then, we’ve got to be able to deal with our most perplexing selves and with the messiness of other people.  And that ain’t all sunsets and sonatas.  

My commitment is to discover together and create together community experiences of the sacred that don’t suck.  I call this: “Church.”

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