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Feldenkrais Workshop Series with Megan Wilson: 6 weeks, 10/15 - 11/19

©2005 Rosalie O’Connor. Used with permission of the Feldenkrais Guild of North America.

©2005 Rosalie O’Connor. Used with permission of the Feldenkrais Guild of North America.

Freeing Movement, Thought, and Feeling through the Feldenkrais Method®
A 6 week series from October 15- November 19
Tuesdays, 7-8pm, Front Door Studio

$10/ class if you register in advance for the whole series
$12/class if you register for 3 or more classes
$15/class drop-in
To register, contact Megan at

We are all born with an innate ability to learn and to use movement and sensation as a playground in which to better know our world and ourselves. Somewhere along the way, life's difficulties and society's pressures distance us from the integrity of ourselves and we develop patterns of habitual tension and unconscious movement. Our sensations are dulled and we loose trust in our feelings. This series will focus on the ways we can reconnect with our curiosity and pleasure in movement. With more physical comfort, sensitivity, and agency, we also find more mental and emotional freedom and we can know and grow ourselves through a dynamic life.

About the Feldenkrais Method:

The Feldenkrais Method͒® of somatic education is based on physics, biomechanics, and an empirical understanding of human learning and development. Developed by Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais, D.Sc., it uses gentle yet sophisticated movements that systematically work with our nervous systems and innate neuroplasticity. With the guidance of a practitioner, students learn through self-discovery to move more efficiently, eliminate strain that causes pain and limitations and discover new possibilities.

Megan Wilson is a movement artist and educator whose work centers around celebrating and nurturing human dignity- the wild, unique beauty at the heart of each of us. She uses mindfulness and somatic practices to cultivate states where our perceptions and expressions can be more vivid, full, and honest. Her work is informed by a long background in contemporary dance, Contact Improvisation, Yoga, and meditation practices. Megan is also strongly influenced by a love of the natural world and study of permaculture. She recently began working in farming as an expansion of her exploration of how art, land stewardship, and meeting our personal and community needs inter-relate.

Before moving to Albuquerque in 2018, Megan lived in Philadelphia for 7 years, where she collaborated and performed with many local dance companies, taught creative movement to children, and was an adjunct professor of Yoga at Temple University. Megan was born and raised in North Carolina and earned a BFA in Dance from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro in 2009. She graduated from the Feldenkrais Professional Training Program in New York City and is a Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner.