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Hear Here Festival 2019: Maple Street Represents!

Maple Street is honored to be represented at the inaugural Hear Here Festival, a residency program and collaborative performance experience for local choreographers, composers, poets and musicians, offered in partnership by Keshet Center for the Arts, and the City's "Tipping Points Initiative".  Romy Keegan, owner and director of MSDS, and Lauren Valerie Coons, long-time Maple Street & Ballet-Afrique dancer, were both independently selected, Romy as a choreographer, and Lauren as a composer, (although of course, we both dance!), along with 5 others to create new works, within a two week intensive process.  The outcome and resultant performance will be presented at Keshet Center for the Arts, on Saturday, June 1st, 7:30pm.  Tickets are sliding scale, $5 and up, and can be purchased HERE, or at the door.

I'd be so honored and happy to see some Maple Street peeps in the audience, supporting US, and the City's initiative for continued growth and the ongoing evolution of our incredibly creative City! 

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