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Floor re-finish a bust: update.

Hey Everyone!

The Back Door Studio floor refinish failed miserably.  Ugh!  

Because it is such a BIG project, and it is the THIRD time in only 7 years, we tried a new varnish which promised the ability to skip the sanding, sweeping, mopping work between each layer.  It also advertised a 24 hour curing time.  Trying to keep class cancellations to a minimum, we squeezed the work into 3 days, starting with the initial sanding and crack filler on Wednesday, and lay8ing the last coat of varnish at 11:45pm on Thursday night.  This allowed ALMOST 36 hours before the first class on Saturday morning.  

Although Saturday classes did not damage the floor, and seemed fine to dance on (haven't heard otherwise, and despite the smell - SORRY!), the top coat looked TERRIBLE, showing ALL the streaking of each application. AND, while Tim was putting down the second and third layers of varnish he was challenged by its tendency to stick to the previous layer.  

This is bad enough - a disappointing, messy looking refinish, for all the effort.  

But THEN, Saturday evening we had a wonderful and lively swing dance, that should have been JUST fine.  Instead, because the product DIDN'T cure in the almost 48 hours it had by that time, the foot traffic had the effect of pulling up and griming the thicker layers, where the varnish hadn't evened out in the application process, nor dried fully.  The result was a smattering of gummed up varnish, that looked like liquid had spilled and not been cleaned up, which followed the pattern of application brush stroke, "overlaps".  


After recovering from the work of the initial project, Tim went yesterday, Wednesday, and buffed the floor with a sander, again, removing the layer of gummed varnish, and leaving a spotty, messy, not beautiful, BUT SMOOTH(!!!) floor.  

And there we have it.  So when you look at it, it is true, it looks terrible.  We are not sure just yet WHAT we are going to do about it, but for now, know that the cracks have been filled, so it is safe again for our bare feet, and it is smooth, and cured.  

I will keep you posted on further work, but for now, I just wanted to acknowledge and share the disappointing facts.  Gah!


Joyfully, Romy

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