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Please take a moment to wander through our GLORIOUS new web site!!!  We are catching back up in the World of Web Sites with this beautifully designed, well organized, and smoothly functioning gem, updated and reloaded by dear friend and healing, dancing, yogini, Easter Bonnifield!  There are some new pages, new displays, a new calendar, which may take some getting used to, but is integrated into my admin life in a way that gives me the giggles, it's so helpful!  Over the next few weeks I will be continuing to fine tune class descriptions and instructor bios, as well as visual media and other helpful text, but I hope you will dive in and enjoy and utilize the upgrade! 


Easter, as the designer of our last web site, was willing to jump in with two feet to support our community and  bring our web site back into the land of the living!  She is no longer in the web site building business, however, when she is not patiently listening to me freak out about the complexity of a web site like this one, she is, in fact, a Gifted Healer.  With her open, kind, heart, and clear, centered, mind, she offers a nourishing path of Well-Being that will truly, recharge and empower your mind and body, allowing your Soul to thrive! (I stole some of that from her web site - you should take a look - it's delightful!). Everyday Healing offers modalities such as Bodywork, Energy Balancing, Ayurvedic Health Consultations and other Ayurvedic Therapies, Panchakarma, Aroma and Color Therapy, Yoga, Pranavama and Meditation, and even Vedic Astrology!  

Since you can’t contact her about a fancy new web site like this one, I hope you will consider checking out her other gifts and talents!  In so doing you'll be supporting Maple Street, our rich and interconnected community, and an especially generous and Lovely Being. 

(Thank you Easter, from the bottom of my heart!)

Later Event: January 20
NEW Nob Hill Main Street VIDEO!