Lia Martinez

Bilingual Birdies: Spanish Language Class for Children, ages 0-6.
Email Lia Martinez for more information, or call (505) 750-1795


Lia Martinez, a Cuban-French-Irish American, grew up in Portland, Oregon immersed in a family of musicians. Her passion for music continues today as a singer/songwriter and a collaborator of Loñe Pinon (New Mexican acoustic conjunto). Her newest venture is as the Albuquerque Spanish Teacher Licensee of Bilingual Birdies  a live music and foreign language program that is paving the way for bilingual education nationally in early childhood. She also works as a public health nurse with many Spanish speakers and previously with refugees from around the world. Lia's love for music, language, family and community shines through in her classes creating a joyful experience for all. She hopes to continue the celebration and honoring of diversity and cultural exchange that is the foundation of Bilingual Birdies. Lia lives with her husband and two sons on their small farm in the South Valley of Albuquerque.

Check out this short video on the story behind Bilingual Birdies.