Jennifer Corbeau, Transformation Catalyst & Life Coach

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Your Heart’s Calling - Sacred Dance & Movement
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Jennifer Corbeau discovered that dance was more than just learning technique and how to move to the beat of the music, but was a method of deep discovery into her own body, mind, heart, and soul.  Through Belly Dance, she began to rebuild and heal the connection with her body that she had lost so long before. After learning, teaching, and performing Belly Dance for many years, Jennifer discovered Ecstatic Dance and her world opened even more.  She learned that we all hold the wisdom of the Universe in our bodies, and when we move with intention and openness, we can access that wisdom and really know our true selves.

Jennifer is also a certified Life Transformed Coach and sees herself as a Transformation Catalyst for anyone who wants to hear their Heart’s Calling.  

Using all of her life experiences, training, and commitment to personal growth, Jennifer has developed Your Heart’s Calling, Sacred Dance and Movement.  She is honored to hold space for you to gift yourself with being fully present in your body, know and embody the Divine call of your heart, nurture and be nurtured by your beautiful mind, and feel the sacred connection of All That Is through your breath.  

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