Miles Firkins

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Contemporary Technique & Improvisation
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Miles is a life-long mover/dancer/improvisor who began teaching dance in an after-school program at a local elementary school in 2010. Miles holds a liberal arts degree from Hampshire college where, despiteresolving to quit dancing after chronic injuries, disillusionment with technical training, and a desire to study physics and medicine, they studied dance, dance education, and functional anatomy in the Five College Dance Department.

Miles’s personal and teaching practices are heavily influenced by Body-Mind Centering, Feldenkrais Method, ContemplativeDance/Authentic Movement, and Andrea Olson’s work on experiential anatomy. Miles is a 200hr certified yoga teacher, has attended teacher trainings in Mettler Creative Dance with Griff Goehrig (2014) and Brain Compatible Dance with Anne Green Gilbert (2017), and is always interested to learn more about the artistic process of teaching movement. Miles approaches teaching and learning from a playful, curious lens, drawing on somatic, anatomical, and empowerment-oriented practices to spark creativity, self reflection, and intentional choice-making.

In 2018, Miles launched a long-term independent business project, Somatonaut LLC, to contribute to the growing body of work in the movement world that bridges somatic inquiry, movement practice, anatomical knowledge, and bodywork. Somatonaut LLC currently offers dance and movement classes, yoga classes, and functional anatomy workshops for the general public and curated groups, as well as interest-specific private lessons. Miles identifies as gender complicated, and prefers to be referred to by name or with gender-neutral pronouns.

Kristin Lucero, PT, DPT, LMT, NTS

Contemporary Dance
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Kristin has been teaching Contemporary Dance at Maple Street Dance Space in ABQ, NM since 2015. She has been part of the Maple Street Dance community since 2007 and is honored to be teaching at a studio that is diverse and encourages a supportive dance community and unique self expression through movement. 

Kristin is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and a Licensed Massage Therapist. Kristin has trained and performed in dance for the past 34 years, has a Bachelors of Science in both Dance and Theater and has studied dance in New York City. Kristin has danced for and learned from choreographers such as Robert Battle, Director of Alvin Ailey and Mia Michaels from So You Think You Can Dance. Styles of dance studied include; ballet, modern, jazz, contemporary, lyrical, broadway, african, cuban, samba, latin partner dancing and tango. She also has an extensive background in theater, musical theater and yoga. 

Kristin sums up her relationship to dance as this; “Dance is my passion, my voice, my freedom. It is how I express myself fully and how I harness my own strength, creativity, vulnerability and joy. I hope to help create a dance community that unites people positively and is a safe space where people can be themselves without judgement. I love getting to share my knowledge, training and guidance with others each week and feel excited each time a new person steps into the class. Thank you to all the dancers who have been training with me over the years. Sharing the experience with you all is what it’s all about.