Romy Keegan

Ballet-Afrique: Original, Exuberantly Graceful Contemporary Dance, & Adult Ballet Basics
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Romy Keegan Full Bio

Jefferson voorhees and romy keegan

Jefferson voorhees and romy keegan

Owner and Director of Maple Street Dance Space, Romy Keegan's greatest joy is to introduce people of all ages and abilities to the healing, transformative power of Dance, and to "hold space" for emerging dancers to discover the strength, grace and confidence gained through it's practice and expression! Romy Keegan Full Bio

Ballet-Afrique: Exuberantly Graceful Contemporary Dance Fusion
Ballet-Afrique is the original, joyful expression and continued exploration and development, of my personal dance and movement vocabulary, inspired by a life time of ballet training and over 25 years of West African dance. It is intended to capture the spirit of the open, accessibility of a community African dance class, with its organic and natural movement, while harnessing the focus, flexibility, strength, and grace, inherent in ballet technique. The creative utilization of both styles of movement produces a playful, dynamic, and exuberantly graceful contemporary fusion, suitable and accessible, for all ages and experience levels. Ballet-Afrique was first introduced to my closest students in the autumn of 2012, and continues to blossom and grow through these on-going, supportive, playful, community dance classes. I would love to share it with you, too - please feel free to drop into a class, anytime!

Classical Ballet
As a compliment to Ballet-Afrique, or for its own strengthening and connecting value, I also teach beginning adult ballet - both community classes and private lessons. I specialize in the understanding and mindful application of mechanics, developing excellent technique, and practicing correct placement and alignment. These elements strengthen the body, contributing to good posture, flexibility, endurance, agility, and grace, allowing dancers of all ages to dance to their fullest, for as long as their hearts desire!

Private Lessons
$35 for a half an hour, $50 for an hour, includes tax.

Bianca Starr, MA

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Ballet: Adult intermediate
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Bianca is the builder and proprietress and the force behind Bianca Lily Ballet.  Originally trained as a classical ballet dancer in the Royal Academy of Dance style, Bianca went on to a variety of occupations before falling in love with dance all over again when she took up Argentine Tango.

Originally from the Denver area, Bianca is the teaching protege of her primary instructor, retired principal ballerina and Master Teacher, Christina Noel-Adcock.  In 2013, and again in 2015, Bianca was selected via blind abstract submission process to present with Christina at the annual conference for the International Association of Dance Medicine and Science. She has also continued her professional education at West Side Dance Physical Therapy in New York City.  

Bianca's extensive training included a summer in England under the tutelage of Madame Monzani, who was ballet instructor to members of the Royal family. As a teacher she has also trained with living dance method legends Finis Jhung and Eric Franklin. In college she had the privileged of learning Martha Graham technique under the renowned Diane Gray (a modern dance icon). In the world of Argentine Tango, Bianca considers her primary mentors to be Robert Hauk and Daniel Boardman. She is the assistant director of the Albuquerque Tango Festival and has served on the board of the Tango Club of Albuquerque. Her dance background also includes swing dance (primarily East Coast and Lindy Hop), African dance, and folk/historical dance. She has a passion for dance kinesiology and teaching safe ways to move with both grace and power. Bianca began assisting Dr. Ginny Wilmerding with her instruction of the Dance Kinesiology class at UNM in autumn of 2013.

In 2003 she choreographed and produced a dance production entitled Longroad and Blackhorse, which premiered at the Cleo Parker Robinson Theater in Denver. In 2009 she began the process of building studio b after being away from dance for several years. Bianca Lily Productions, LLc began its adult ballet program in 2010 and has grown by leaps and bound since then with every Intro to Ballet course selling out since August of 2013! 

Bianca is on a limited teaching schedule while working on her MA in Dance Performance at the University of Limerick and an MSc in Exercise & Nutrition Science through the University of Chester. 

Bianca is also a license instructor of the GYROKINESIS® method of exercises.