Miles Firkins

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Contemporary Technique & Improvisation
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Miles is a life-long mover/dancer/improvisor who began teaching dance in an after-school program at a local elementary school in 2010. Miles holds a liberal arts degree from Hampshire college where, despiteresolving to quit dancing after chronic injuries, disillusionment with technical training, and a desire to study physics and medicine, they studied dance, dance education, and functional anatomy in the Five College Dance Department.

Miles’s personal and teaching practices are heavily influenced by Body-Mind Centering, Feldenkrais Method, ContemplativeDance/Authentic Movement, and Andrea Olson’s work on experiential anatomy. Miles is a 200hr certified yoga teacher, has attended teacher trainings in Mettler Creative Dance with Griff Goehrig (2014) and Brain Compatible Dance with Anne Green Gilbert (2017), and is always interested to learn more about the artistic process of teaching movement. Miles approaches teaching and learning from a playful, curious lens, drawing on somatic, anatomical, and empowerment-oriented practices to spark creativity, self reflection, and intentional choice-making.

In 2018, Miles launched a long-term independent business project, Somatonaut LLC, to contribute to the growing body of work in the movement world that bridges somatic inquiry, movement practice, anatomical knowledge, and bodywork. Somatonaut LLC currently offers dance and movement classes, yoga classes, and functional anatomy workshops for the general public and curated groups, as well as interest-specific private lessons. Miles identifies as gender complicated, and prefers to be referred to by name or with gender-neutral pronouns.