Kids Classes: Suzuki Music & Movement Class (Ages 0-4 & Expecting Mothers)


Taught by Jessica Retana and Angelica P. Plass

Thursdays, 9:30-10:30am, Back Door Studio,
$15/class, drop in, or, 150/12 classes.

The Suzuki Early Childhood Education (SECE) program is a music and movement class for children ages 0-4 with a parent or guardian, and expecting mothers in their third trimester. 

The SECE program nurtures the child’s musical development from the very beginning. In the class, we sing traditional children’s folk songs, incorporate movements and musical instruments, and work on important musical skills, such as making a steady beat, producing beautiful tone, and treating the instruments with care. However through this class, children also learn other important skills, such as the ability to focus, fine motor skills, emotional and social skills, character development, and readiness for preschool. 

One of the key concepts of the program is that the ability of a child develops early. The founder of the Suzuki Method, Dr. Shinichi Suzuki, believed that ability develops from age zero, meaning it is never too early to begin nurturing the ability of a child. In support of Dr. Suzuki’s claims, scientific studies show that the development of a child begins in utero, and learning begins prior to birth. Many of the children who begin SECE in utero or at birth are found to be within the 99th percentile of language development and develop perfect or nearly perfect pitch by the age of 4. 

Through this program, children are able to socialize with others, have fun with music, and develop a memorable and nurturing bond with their parents. The Suzuki Early Childhood Education program is an incredible opportunity to develop ability in your child from the earliest possible moments.