Kids Classes: "Mommy & Me" African Dance & Creative Movement for Little Ones (ages 1ish - 6ish)


Taught by Romy Keegan

Fridays, 4 - 4:30pm, FRONT DOOR STUDIO
No registration required - this is an on-going, come when you can, drop-in class! Parents, you are cordially invited and strongly encouraged to join in - specifically with 1-4 year olds, or with children feeling shy!

Come dance and play together in this facilitated, playful, imaginative dance and movement time, in an open environment that includes live drumming, and a loose structure which allows and encourages a spectrum of ways to interact and engage, depending on age and development.  From being held and danced with (ages 1-2 or even 3), to coming in and out of focus and learning to follow direction, (ages 3-4), to tuning in, following direction, and actually learning a basic combination of movement, (ages 4-6), the class is based on African Dance and Creative Movement concepts for young dancers.

After our welcoming circle, our playful warm-up, our follow the leader, make a forest, and learn a dance, we finish up with a stop & go/fast & slow Freeze Dance, and a mindful moment of gratitude, to each other and our drummers.