Contemporary Technique & Partnering

Miles stripes.png

Taught by Miles Firkins 

Saturdays, 1:30-3:00, Front Studio
$15/class, $60 for 5 classes.

SO SORRY TO SAY, THIS CLASS IS ENDING 3/16. If you are interested in it’s content, please contact Miles to let them know - the class may form again!

Looking for somewhere to play in movement? You’ve come to the right place! This class aims to make space for returning to the source: the sheer joy, delight, and fun of moving from within. We’ll draw from contemporary and post-modern approaches to improvisation, build scores, make choreography, experiment with partnering, play with weight sharing, discover through experiential anatomy, and move and be still as our inner impulses move us. Whether you are a mover interested in investing in your personal practice or an experimenter getting to know your body in motion, a seasoned improvisor or new to all these ideas, come re-connect to your curiosity, playfulness, and expressivity, and get to know your movement community!

Movement Educator/Dance Advocate Discount: To support continuing growth for the
availability of dance and movement classes in Albuquerque (and the world!), and in hopes that the providers of those opportunities will make time to take part in the fun too, I offer discounted pricing to self-identified movement educators, such as teachers and coaches of dance, yoga, martial arts, circus, somatics, physical education, athletics, zumba, nia, and anatomy, and to dance advocates, such as administrators and staff of dance organizations, professional dancers/performers, social dance organizers, and Albuquerque Dance Exchange members/organizers. I value your work and would love to hear about what you do to help the movement community grow!