Contemporary Dance


Teacher(s): Kristin Lucero

Saturdays, 11am- 12:30pm, Back Door Studio
$10 - $15 suggested donation

Contemporary dance is a style of expressive dance that combines elements of several dance genres including ballet, modern and jazz. Joy of movement and unique and diverse expression is what is emphasized and encouraged in this class. This class starts with a set warmup which is danced to contemporary music and focuses on strengthening, stretching and developing greater dance technique. Each week the warmup is the same allowing the dancers an opportunity to become more comfortable with each class. Eventually the warmup becomes part of the dance, flowing from one part to the next with fluidity and purpose. 

After this, the class will shift to movement progressions across the floor. The core technique of dance will be the starting point with options for advanced progressions as each dancer is ready. The class ends with a center dance combination. This is the time to let the music drive the movement and self-expression within parameters of set choreography. The class will be infused with my knowledge of anatomy, orthopedics and the study of movement so that I may help others learn about proper alignment, technique and muscle activation. Modifications can also be made to suit specific movement limitations or pain.