Afro-Cuban Folkloric & Last Monday of the Month - Samba!


Taught by Pilar Leto
Mondays, 5:45-7pm, Front Door Studio, $12 Drop-In or 4 Classes for $40.

Afro-Cuban Folkloric: Sacred dances for the Orishas (dieties) of the Yoruba pantheon that were brought to Cuba centuries ago and are kept alive today. Each class focuses on a different Orisha. If you drop in, you might join us in dances for Oshun, the goddess of love and fresh water, Yemaya, the goddess of the ocean or Chango, the god of thunder and lightening.

Each class starts with a warm up conducive to the movement subtleties of this style of dance. This class is accompanied by live Bata drum and song accompaniment, featuring Frank Leto, Cesar Bauvallet, Tomas White and Nick Baker.

Brazilian samba: The last Monday of the month is Brazilian samba class. Samba, the national dance of Brazil celebrates life. Come join in Carnaval steps, carioca style. Live samba rhythms played on Brazilian percussion instruments accompany this fun, high-energy class.

Holiday classes will be taught by Liusba Barcia or Evelyn Williams.