Maple Street Dance Space

3215 Central Ave. NE Abq NM 87106

Let the Beauty we Love be what we Do; There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground. ~Rumi  


Rental Rates

Contact Romy to book your space

On-going Rental Rates for Classes and Rehearsals
$30/hr for PRIME-TIME slots: Mon-Thu from 4pm-9pm, & weekends from 9am-12am. 

$20/hr for all other times. 

State Law does not require tax for on-going rentals.

Refundable Key Deposit: $40(cash).

Key Deposit & First Months Rent due at signing of agreement, and confirms the rental. (If for any reason the rental is cancelled before it is scheduled to begin, half the months rent is reimbursed, while the other half is retained for having held the spot. Full Key Deposit reimbursed with return of the key.)

Incidental Rental Rate
$40/hr + tax for events that charge a fee and are not on-going throughout the year, but scheduled incidentally, with a specific end date, as for example a performance, workshop or workshop/class series.  

Refundable Key Deposit, IF needed, of $40(cash)

Key Deposit (if necessary) & Full Rent to hold & confirm the rental.

(1/2 rent reimbursed for cancelled Incidental Rentals, when cancelled up to 2 weeks before event. Events cancelled within 2 weeks will not be reimbursed. Full Key Deposit reimbursed with return of the key, within one week after the event.  Not all Incidental Rentals will require a key or key deposit.)

Social Dances & Parties
$50/hr for first 3 hours.  Drops to $40/hr for 4 hours or more.  Refundable ($40 cash) Key Deposit, IF needed.  Same terms as Incidental Rentals, see above.

Pop-in Rate
$20/hr For one-time or very short term, non-income generating needs, such as rehearsals or meetings.  

Thank you for your interest in Maple Street Dance Space!

Our community dance space was one of the first of it's kind - an open studio for INDEPENDENT instructors and dancers to rent space to teach and rehearse their specific disciplines, sharing their particular talents and joy with everyone who was interested, young or old, experienced or not.  

We first opened in the fall of 2004, at the corner of Maple Street & Central Ave in a small but functional repurposed storage room, intially utilized by Blue Tribe Dance Studio.  We enjoyed dancing, shimmying, and growing into our original space for 6 years, before moving into our current location near the corner of Wellesley & Central Ave, in Nob Hill.  For 3 years we were nestled only into the big beautiful back room, of 3215 Central Ave, sharing space with what was once Albuquerque's first and longest running fair trade shop, Peacecraft.  In 2013 we sadly lost our "roommate", when Peacecraft, after over 15 years of business, and single handedly introducing fair trade to Albuquerque, finally had to close it's doors.  Although we were disappointed to lose this mutually supportive and truly unique relationship, we were very excited to have the opportunity to fully occupy such a beautiful space, right in the heart of Nob Hill!  

In the spring of 2014 we were honored to win a Creative Abq Bravo Award for positively impacting our community through acheivements in creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship!

And here we are today - still dancing, shimmying, meditating, and drumming in two beautiful spaces!  Please stop by to talk with any one of our independent teachers, or drop-in and try a class!  

SIGN UP for studio wide announcements, including new classes, workshops and special events!

A Very Kind Blog Spot Article by Shelle Sanchez of Women & Creativity - Thanks Shelle!!!


There are two entrances to Maple Street Dance Space: the FRONT DOOR STUDIO, which faces Central, and is accessed by the front door, & the BACK DOOR STUDIO, which is accessed through the back door, around the building, on the North side. We encourage students and teachers to enter and exit through the studio in which their class is held, in order to cut down on cross-through traffic and potential interruption/disruption of classes, or other events, in session.

We are a unique set of studios where INDEPENDENT instructors of all kinds rent space to share and/or rehearse their various dance, yoga, and movement forms or practices. Our studios are ideal for classes, rehearsals, private lessons, and workshops, and are also available Saturday evenings as a casual and intimate, smoke-free venue for small performances & special events. Contact Romy Keegan to find out about renting the space.

We are located on the North side of Central, right next to Urban Outfitters, and across from Kellys. For those of you not familiar with Nob Hill, it is a few blocks WEST of Carlisle, and a few blocks EAST of UNM, on the NW corner of Wellesly & Central. Visit our Contact page to see a Google Map of our location.

Parking is FREE along the side streets, in the small lot behind our building, and in the underground parking area beneath the new condos on Central and Wellesley.

There are waiting areas with benches, plants and cubbies, in both studios, near all entrances and exits.  Bottled water is available for $1 requested donation in both studios.

Back Door Studio

The BACK DOOR STUDIO, which was the first studio in this space, has 1250 square feet of original wooden dance floor, built over a basement, so it is naturally sprung, with a nearly full wall of mirrors mounted on the East wall.  There is a ballet barre attached on the opposite, west wall, as well as a moveable, free standing barre.

The sound system accommodates CDs, MP3s, or computers and has a powered speaker, with another being added soon.  The dressing room and bathroom are both in the BACK DOOR STUDIO, and are shared by both studios, for the time being.

The BACK DOOR STUDIO has a line of adjustable curtains on the South side, which can be drawn together to contain the space, or create privacy from dressing room or bathroom traffic, shortening the space by about 8 feet, or be pulled aside to open the entire room.  There is also a line of curtains on the North side, which can be pulled to define a class in session, encouraging awareness from students coming in for the next class.


Front Door Studio

The FRONT DOOR STUDIO, has 24 x 48 feet of newly installed (as of January 1st 2014) floating, sprung dance floor.

The sound system accommodates CD's, Mp3's and computers, and is hooked into two enourmous Pevey speakers, as well as two smaller mounted speakers, allowing for the fullest surround sound of both studios.  There are mirrors on the West wall and attached ballet barres on the East wall of this studio, and, a dressing room behind curtains on the North end.

The FRONT DOOR STUDIO is particularly colorful and bright with sunflower yellow walls and a South wall of windows, that look out onto Central Ave.  These can either be obscured for privacy by accent curtains hung about 4 feet into the space, or left open for curious pedestrians and potential students to see in and be inspired!

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