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Bianca Lily Ballet

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Bianca Lily Ballet provides a comprehensive ballet program for adults.  Whether you have never danced before or are an advanced adult dancer looking for specialty coursework- Bianca Lily Ballet caters to the adult ballet student of all levels, with an eye toward safe dance technique and injury prevention.  Primary instructor, Bianca, is a member of the International Association of Dance Science and Medicine and the teaching protégé of ballet Master Trainer and retired Prima Ballerina Christina Noel Adcock.  Bianca has studied with Finis Jhung and Eric Franklin and works tirelessly to provide her students with not only a fun and engaging experience, but also a means to bring about better health through dance.

Bianca Lily Ballet offers the following:

Intro to Ballet: Ideal for first time dancers or those who danced as children, but have not danced in many years.  This course, offered in increments of 6 or 8 weeks, is a cohesive program that builds week to week gently and with repetition.  This course covers basic movements and positions, and focuses primarily on barre work.  No special shoes or dance clothing required.  Always wanted to try ballet, but never had the chance?  Or maybe the classes you tried were too intimidating?  This class is designed specifically for you!  Class size is limited so as to provide for personalized attention.  Benefits include better balance, posture, core strength, and coordination.

Level II Ballet: For those graduating from the Intro to Ballet who wish to continue.  Students continue to build on the skills they have learned and combinations are often repeated twice in a row.  Lessons take on more elements of traditional class structure and move complex traveling steps and petite allegro are introduced.  Absolute Beginners or permission from the instructor is a prerequisite.  

Level III Ballet:  Students take on more complex and faster combinations both at barre and in center.  Work includes turns and traveling jumps as well as more complex choreography.  Students who have been approved for pointe work may have the opportunity to work in their shoes during or after this class.

Specialty Courses: Bianca Lily Ballet is dedicated to providing adult students with specialty courses with guest instructors ranging from partnering and pointe class to dance conditioning to master classes.  Check here ( for upcoming events and specialty classes.

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